About Us

Rosewood Quilts and Stitches

Hey guys!

My name is Jennifer Loewen and we are Rosewood Quilts and Stitches. We are a family owned business located in beautiful Lacombe, Alberta. There’s something so special about this town (well City now ), and I feel so privileged to be a part of this community. I am a married to the coolest, kindest man, and we are proud parents to two little girls.

The most common question I get asked is why Rosewood?

I have always loved trees. I would doodle them all over my pages at school, and now my walls are filled with paintings, decals, and pictures of trees. I find being outside, breathing the fresh air, listening to the rustling of the wind is such a healing, and grounding experience.

Rosewood is a special and rare wood, sought after for its healing properties.

I think we can all agree that quilts are more than just nicely assembled fabric. When we are piecing our tops for someone, we are keeping them top of mind. We’re filing the fabric under our hands with hopes, and dreams for the lucky recipient. That is the real reason quilts are so snuggly, they are filled with our love! What is more healing than that?

In our studio we have Elaine, our Statler by Gammill! She is a thing of beauty. Her 14-foot table ensures that we can quilt any size quilt that you need. We have a huge library of digital pantographs, carry a wide variety of Glide thread, and Hobbs Heirloom batting.

We feel so honoured you chose us to help you get your quilts snuggle ready!


Our girls laying on the first quilt I ever longarmed!